The Torsobag

The Torsobag is designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Italy by the best craftsmen. Only the best eco-friendly, vegetable tanned Florentine Vachetta leather is used that absorbs the traces of use on your adventures and gets that beautiful vintage look over the years.

The ergonomically designed pockets are placed on the front of the Torsobag. They are easy to reach when you wear the Torsobag and it makes theft of your valuables more difficult.

With smooth but masculine lines and the custom-made zipper pullers as a finishing touch, the Torsobag is the ultimate gentleman's fashion accessory.

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Handmade in Italy

A beautiful design cannot realize its full potential without experienced and skilled craftsmen with a keen eye for style and detail. The Torsobag is handmade by the best Italian leather craftsmen in our factory near Florence, Italy. Decades of experience and centuries of tradition ensure that all products leaving the factory meet the highest quality standards possible.

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The Torsobag is made from eco-friendly, vegetable tanned vachetta leather. The method of vegetable tanning is the most traditional one, handed down from father to son for more then 200 years. Nowadays, the Antique recipes using only natural abstracts from plants and trees are combined with state of the art technology to produce very durable leather that, over the years, gets that beautiful vintage look.

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Inspired by history

Inspired by the decorated sword belt, or ‘baldric’, from the 1700’s and military bandoliers, Montadagio developed a distinctively designed bag, which is carried across the chest and gives you an adventurous but stylish look. The Torsobag is the modern day equivalent of these historical men’s accessories and perfect while driving around town on your Vespa or to accompany you on your travels and explore new places.


Details Torsobag


Although the Torsobag does not have a strap or visible buckles, the Torsobag has the possibility to be adjusted to fit most body sizes due to a smart design feature. Under the shoulder flap, which can be tucked in into the upper phone pocket, there is a concealed buckle, which allows you to create the necessary space for your body size, a thicker coat, or just to wear the Torsobag a bit higher or lower. 

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Due to the organic, round shapes of the Torsobag it is difficult to provide exact measurements of the pockets. As a minimum, objects with the sizes mentioned below will easily fit. Multiple smaller or rounded items might be stored more efficiently.

Large main pocket (lxWxH)     :     16x11x3 cm

Small pocket (LxWxH)             :      10x7x2 cm

Medium pocket (LxWxH)          :      13x8x2 cm

Phone pocket (LxWxH)             :   12x7x2 cm

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